Toshiba Satellite L635-S3010 LED TruBrite 13.3-Inch Laptop (Grey/Black)

Toshiba’s Satellite L625-S2010 LED TruBrite 13.3-inch laptop is a solid little machine that can certainly handle emails, accounting, and other on-the-go chores that everyone seems to need to do in this day and age. However, for gamers on the go, this little laptop does have some serious drawbacks. It’s great if you’re playing middle of the road games that don’t eat up a lot of resources or need major graphics, but for those who love games that are graphics-intensive, you may need a laptop with a bit more power.

The S3010 is powered by a 1.86GHz Intel Pentinum P600 processor. While this is fairly good, many other laptops run a 2.0GHz or more. It has three GB of DDR2/DDR3 RAM, which again isn’t bad, but gaming machines need 4 GB. The hard drive is 320GB and spins at 5400 RPM. Again, that’s not bad but it isn’t the best.

The laptop features a 8x DVD R/W drive, built in stereo speakers, a built in webcam and mic, and wireless b/g/n LAN. The addition of the n-band is nice, as is the webcam. The DVD drive features Labelflash printing, which lets you burn a label directly onto the DVD. The keyboard, unfortunately, is not a full sized keyboard, which may be a problem for some gamers. Three USB ports give you plenty of connection space for external devices. The laptop also has a VGA out and a multi-function memory card. There is no HDMI output, however.

When it comes to graphics, the S3010 falls squarely in the mid-range. There’s nothing outstanding about its 16:9 aspect ratio or its 1366 x 768 native resolution. It does have a backlit LED display, so it can show off some nice visuals. Unfortunately, it’s not 1080p, and without an HDMI out, you are limited to what the laptop display can provide. The graphics card is an Intel HD Graphics card that can dynamically allocate shared graphic memory, so you’ll have anything from 64MB to 1274MB. Even at its max, that’s not a whole lot of extra RAM.

As you can tell, this laptop may not be the best for gamers. It’s rounded out by a battery life of about 3 hours of normal use, so you can expect to get about half that when gaming. However, it retails for $550 or less, so it may fit your budget.

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